VGxpo Tournament Info

The VGxpo will be running from November Friday the 21st to Sunday the 23rd. Paul has asked me to run some tournaments. I will be running 3 tournaments seprerated into 2 tournaments a day. All tournaments will be singles only since the Expo closes at 7pm Sat and 5pm Sunday


Directions and location of the VGxpo venue:

in terms of getting to the convention cetner its quite easy. Its on Arch street between 11th and 13th.

If you are taking the bus to philly take the china town bus. It will take you to the philly station which is only a few blocks from the center.

Same for people taking the train. You'll be dropped off near the Market East station, take the exit and you should be on market street. walk west to 13th street then north till you hit arch st.


You can register for each tournament online thru the VGXPO's website. Registration is not available yet but keep checking the site weekly.



Saturday, Nov 22nd

Soul Calibur 4 - PS3
Dead or Alive 4.1 - Xbox 360

Sunday, Nov 23rd
Tekken 5 Dark Ressurrection - PS3

All tournaments will start at 1pm on their specific day.

Venue fee for entering the VGxpo is $25(online registration) or $30(at the door) for a 3 day pass.

There is a prize of $500 guarenteed for each game. Tournament Entry for each game is $10 and will be broken down between 2nd(70% pot) and 3rd(30%). The %'s can change however depending on the number of participants.

1st - $350
2nd - $100
3rd - $50

Other information.

Feel free to bring extra equipment(tvs, consoles, copies of games) to help make the tournament move along quicker.


Contact information

Hubbs - [email]hubbsdoctor@gmail.com[/email]

Virtual Rush - phone number 610-565-9300

VG Expo

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