VGexpo tournaments November 21st-23rd

As it stands right now GVN has been asked to run some tournaments for Virtual Rush at the VGexpo. The VGexpo will be held at the Philadelphia Convention Center. I will Be there to run 4 tournaments split betwen Saturday Nov22nd and Sunday Nov 23rd. So far the only details I have recieed from my associates at VR is a gaurenteed $500 prize for first place. Also the pricing for getting into the expo is a 3 day pass for $25(by registering at their website) or $30 at the door. I am looking into the possiblity of that being lowere for people who only want to be there for the tournament.


In terms of getting to the convention center its quite easy. Its on Arch street between 11th and 13th in Philadelphia, PA.

If you are taking the bus to philly take the china town bus. It will take you to the philly station which is only a few blocks from the center.

Same for people taking the train. You'll be dropped off near the Market East station, take the exit and you should be on market street. walk west to 13th street then north till you hit arch st.

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Anonymous said...

We will be at the VG expo this year. We have a booth to the left of the stage. It is going to be a blast.

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