Diehard Gamefan Review: Evoland (PC)

My latest review is live over at Diehard Gamefan for the nostalgia trip, Evoland.  How is the game that tries to make you play through the evolution of the genre?

"Evoland is a little indie title that chronicles the evolution of the Japanese RPG genre from the monochrome days of the Gameboy to the high resolution days of today.  To call it a game is slightly misleading, as the game is more of an experience of how games have advanced in the last 25 years.  Evoland‘s beginning is rather odd to begin with.  Unlike games like 3D Dot Game Heroes or Half Minute Hero, which provide a full gaming experience in the guise of a retro themed game, Evoland merely provides us with an incredibly short trip that plays strongly to nostalgia."


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