The votes are in. Star Trek Month begins next week.

After a good vote during the last GVN Soul Saturday stream plus combined votes from Facebook, here are the top 4 voted games.

Star Trek - NES
Star Fleet Academy
Star Trek Armada*
Star Trek 25th Anniversary

* Edit * Because of graphical issues, I had to swap out Armada with another game. I can't properly review a 10+ year old game if it's barely playable on modern PCs.

The review and stream schedule will go as follows:

Star Trek 25th Anniversary (PC) - Review Feb 4th / Live Stream Feb 5th

Star Fleet Academy (32X) - Review Feb 11th / Live Stream Feb 12th

Star Trek TNG (Sega Genesis) - Review Feb 18th / Live Stream Feb 19th

Star Trek (NES) - Review Feb 25th / Live Stream Feb 26th

Thank you for the votes and I can't wait to relive these wonderful games.

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