HuBBs' Quick Picks - Round 3

It's that time again. As my back log of games continues to grow, my time to play all of these starts to shrink.  So here are some quick snippets of games that I think you definitely need to check out.

Grand Kingdom 
Sony Playstation 4

Grand Kingdom is a very unique turn based strategy RPG.  You are cast as a mercenary for hire, accepting quests to defeat a variety of opponents from one of the four kingdom that you can contract with.  You can build your army with a variety of different units ranging from standard knights and mages to bombers and dragon riders.  Each soldier has unique properties and abilities that can make the combat very interesting.  My only two complaints so far involve leveling up the classes of your soldiers seems a bit complicated and I can't seem to understand some small aspects of the item management system.  The map system for each mission is set up in ways to force you to make smart decisions.  Do you risk taking on stronger enemies? Use an item to get past an obstacle? Willingly take damage from artillery canons to take the quicker route?  It's all about strategy.  I think this is good pick up for the traditional RPG fans out there.

Recomendation: Definitely for RPG fans. Might turn off casuals.

Odin Sphere Leifthrasir
Sony Playstation 4

If you missed out on the Playstation 2 release of the original Odin Sphere, then this is a must have.  Developed by Vanillaware Games, makers of other challenging beautiful games like Muramasa and Dragon's Crown.  Odin Sphere Leifthrasir is an updated version of the PS2 classic with HD enhanced graphics and revised gameplay.  The artwork of this game is beautiful.  Everything from the big detailed enemies to how wonderfully animated they are just screams art to me.  The gameplay is fast and addicting for an action platformer. Odin Sphere's norse mythology based story is great as well with a well written story and tons of unique characters.  Seriously, pick this game up.

Recommendation: Definite pickup for everyone

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