The Jack Thompson saga continues...

Jack Thompson is really a quack. He think he's some angel sent by heaven to protect us all from videogames. His recent quest to show the entire US that the GTA series is nothing more than "cop killing simulator" is not stupid but down right entertaining. But it doesn't stop there. Oh no it doesn't. You see Jack then goes on and gets approval from Jeb Bush to write up a law that prevents minors from getting games into their hands.

Later he delcares that if someone made a murder simulator game where you start off by killing the family of the preisdent of Rockstar then go on a murderous ranpage till you get to E3, he would gladly donate $10,000 to carity. Well it eventually happened and he backed out of the deal. Also because of Jack proving how much of a loon he was is then blasted by the National Insitute on Media and the Family for abusive use of their research and their company president's name.

While this whole fiasco was going about, Gabe, of penny arcade fame, sent Jack an email. While I do not know the contents of this email, it seems to have slighty upset Jack to which he calls Gabe on the phone. You can easily see how the Penny Arcade crew dealt with this when you visit their site. It also became apparent that Jack then tried to have them arrested by coarsing the police with his story of GTA as a copkiller simulator and how he was harassed multiple times by Penny Arcade. Read it here and scroll down a bit to see the whole story.

Also since jack wasn't willing to donate the $10,000 to a charity after some made his proposed game, Gabe took it upon himself to write the check and donate it on Jack's behalf. Bravo Gabe, you have not only proven you are the better man, but that you have a brain and Jack seems to have misplaced his. We will have more on Jack eventually since I know for a fact that this loon isn't done with his work yet. So until the next stupid act. Peace.

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