What we at Gaming Vision are currently up too.

To be polite I will start with what Karl is doing.
Okay I'm just joking. Actually Karl is hard at work on an article for GV but in the meantime that will have to take backseat while his other work takes precedences. He'll have his GV article probably by the end of the week.

As for me I am caught in the middle or either writing an article on that crazy loon Jack Thompson or on the impending launch of the Xbox 360. I am also working on getting my first interview with someone who works in the game industry. I would tell ya who but I was asked to keep it a secret. I am hoping it works out for the company I am interviewing and myself.

Anyway, thats what we are up too so hopefully you'll be patient and stick around. Oh and we have a new poll question by the way. Be sure to vote. Later.


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