DHGF Review - Divinity: Original Sin (PC)

Larian Studios did something I never expected; they went far beyond the expectations for Divinity: Original Sin, the latest game in the Divinity franchise. After the fans spoke out and helped Larian reach their Kickstarter goal, the company did everything they can to prove to their supporters they were out to make one of the best games possible. Divinity: Original Sin is an incredible game that heralds back to the heyday of classic point and click RPG’s, and in many ways surpasses many of the greats like Icewind Dale and Neverwinter Nights. Larian Studios managed to set new standards in the realm of role playing with it’s unique approach to storytelling and highly addicting gameplay. Granted, it’s not a perfect experience, but the pros of playing Divinity: Original Sin heavily outweigh the issues that arise during your time playing.

DHGF Review: Divinity: Original Sin (PC)

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