GVN's Review System

I am proud to say that we here at gvn are going to provide you with as much content as physically possible.  One of the things I am happy we can bring you is honest-to-god unbiased game reviews.  We use a letter grading system instead of the 10 or 100 point system that the majority of gaming publications use. 

Most sites, while truely honest about their own reviews, tend to not have a score that equals what they were saying.  A decent or average game is usually given a 5 or 50 but the majority of the readers take it as a negative review, so to compensate this the writers curve the score to where a decent or average game gets a 7 or 70.

Our letter grade system throws all the confusing out of the window.  And we also include a small list postivies and negatives thrown in at the end to show what it was we felt strongest about in our play throughs.  So please enjoy the new content we are throwing your way and stay tuned for more reviews on the way.

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