So sorry, but we are still here.

Hey all, Hubbs here. So yeah we have been steadily doing updates for GVN... just not here. So to make it up to you. here are some videos we made of us streaming and links to our last 4 podcasts. Enjoy.

Episode 19 - 3/22.2012
Hubbs, JT, and Rolento chat it up with special guest Shidosha. We talk about Bioware and Mass Effect 3 ending, Michael Bay TMNT movie, Tim Schafer, Classic gaming and interviewing The Shirt about Beyond Gaming. Parental Advisory is advised. Explicit content.

Episode 18 - 3/08/2012
Hubbs, JT and Rolento tackle the Cross Assault blowup, DOA5, the rumored Steam box console, our love for the Angry Videogame Nerd, and more classic gaming.

Episode 17 - 2/17/2012
Today Hubbs, JT, and Rolento discuss Kotick, Tim Schafer, CLassic gaming, Top picks of 2011 and Winter Brawl.

Episode 16 - 2/05/2012
Rolento and Hubbs are here to entertain you with nonsense. Today we talk about Soul Calibur 5, Winter Brawl, Kingdoms of Amalur and classic gaming.

 In regards to our podcasts we have been streaming them live over at our twitch homepage. Our next show is this thursday @ 11:30pm EST. www.twitch.tv/thegvn

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