Review: Legend Of Grimrock - PC

Here's my latest review for Diehard Gamefan.  As always here's a small snippet.


"I have always loved the sub-genre of dungeon crawler role playing games. The Eye of The Beholder series, Swords and Serpents, the Wizardry franchise, and Shinning: The Holy Ark are among my favorite games of the genre. Unfortunately after the mid 1990s, the genre faded to obscurity until a few years ago. Shortly after the release of the Nintendo DS the forgotten sub-genre was on the rise once more. We got games like Orcs And Elves, Etrian Odyssey, and a new entry in the Wizardry series for the PS3 to lead the charge in the genre’s resurrection. However, with all these consoles dungeon crawlers, pc gamers were all but forgotten about until the release of The Legend of Grimrock. The Legend of Grimrock is a promising attempt by the good people at Almost Human, to bring back the classic puzzle solving, treasure hunting, map drawing fun that we all had back in the good old days. Does Legend of Grimrock’s classic game design manage to hold up in this day and age or does it rely too much on its nostalgic appeal?"

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