Sony Playstation 20th Anniversary top 20 games - Part 3

Still going strong. We're up to part 3 and we have finally cracked into the top 10. See any games that bring back memories?  Has it given you the urge to dig them out of your closet and play them? I definitely think I'm going to play a few of these gems.

Games 10 - 6

10. Final Fantasy IX

Final Fantasy 9 is quite possibly the most overlooked RPG of the franchise and easily one of the best on the system.  The cast of characters are fleshed out really well, connecting with me almost immediately and the story is well written and gripping.  The graphics show off the Playstation at its best with tons of huge highly textured enemies in the battles or a beautifully detailed world.  The combat returns to having 4 characters on screen with makes battles feel more manageable and balanced again.  The music is done by none other than Uematsu and its a wonderful score.

9. Parasite Eve

It seemed like for a time, SquareSoft could do no wrong, especially when they were experimenting and trying ti mix genres.  Parasite Eve is one such experiment where they took the Survival Horror and added an RPG system on top of it. The result turned out better than expected and Parasite Eve is easily one of the best Square has ever put out.  Parasite Eve has the distinction of being one of the few Playstation era games taht has aged gracefully and still looks really good. The battle system is similar to that of a tactical rpg with 3D movement.  The horror elements also easily rivaled that by horror masters, Capcom and their Resident Evil series.  Definitely a game worth checking out.

8. Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Complete

Lunar 2 Eternal Blue was my favorite Sega CD game, hands down.  The Playstation Complete Edition was loaded with all kinds of goodies like a leather-bound booklet, soundtrack, medallion and a Ghaleon punching doll.  The game itself was an upgrade in almost every way with improved graphics, higher quality animated cutscenes, an improved soundtrack and a reworked overworld.  I liked the changes that allowed you to see your enemies on screen letting you choose to avoid fights. I loved the small additions to the story to be even more captivating that the original. I just love this game.

7. Resident Evil 3 Nemesis

Resident Evil 3 made it over part 2 for a couple of reasons. The first reason is because of the Nemesis. The idea of being scared stiff because there is something out there hunting me down instills quite a lot of fear in me, something that the Resident Evil franchise doesn't really do that well outside of several jump scares.  The thought of running into the Nemesis at any time keeps me on edge.  The other reason why I picked part 3 over 2, Jill Valentine.  Honestly she is a much better protagonist than either Leon or Claire from part 2.  She's also rather hot in that blue crop top shirt and mini skirt. Hey, don't judge me!

6.  Valkyrie Profile

Here is a game that I feel doesn't get any love whatsoever. Valkyrie Profile does a lot of unique things that makes it stand out in the sea of RPGs that took over the Playstation.  The way you explore the world is on a 2D plain and plays like a platformer at times, using abilities to access areas in dungeons to find treasure or recruit more party members.  The story is amazing with tons of unique playable characters and NPCs that make the game's world feel vibrant.  The combat is the real breadwinner here. It works as a turn based system with a meter that you build to pull off devasting combos and super damaging finishing attacks.  The game is also gorgeous with highly detailed sprites for all the NPCs, Monsters and main characters and the backgrounds, towns and world map are insanely detailed.  This is one gem that people need to play.

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