PS Vita! Finally something to play!

So I have had my PS Vita for I believe a little over a year now and finally I have found games to play that peak my interest.  When I first invested in this handheld system I was excited because the PSP had some awesome games for it and I assumed that the Vita would follow suit.  When the system released I purchased Uncharted and Modnation Racers and even though they are awesome games, I lost interest in the system quickly.  Then Activision released Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified which I was hoping would give replay value of the Vita but once again I was disappointed because Black Ops Declassified was nothing like a Call of Duty game.  Yes it was a FPS but didn't feel smooth to me.  Needless to say after that horrible experience I put my Vita away and hadn't touched it until Killzone Mercenary was released.  I waited about a month after the release to pick it up because I got it for cheap on a Black Friday deal.  The game had me at the opening cinematic!  The graphics were stunning and the controls were so precise that I didn't find having to use the touchscreen every once in a while for certain actions as that much of an inconvenience.  It actually made the game a lot more enjoyable.  The gameplay was smooth and the storyline kept you engaged and wanting to play more.  Also Sony added a multiplayer experience on the Vita which ran smooth as well and gives the game a lot more replay value.  I never thought I would ever play a multiplayer game on a handheld that didn't use Ad-Hoc like on the old PSP.  I thought it would be choppy or lacking in graphics or having a lot of lag.  But I was gladly mistaken.  On top of Killzone Mercenary I picked up The Walking Dead: Complete First Season and Little Big Planet on the Vita and now I love the system.  I hope that developers and Sony keep going forward with the Vita and produce more games that will be exclusive for the Vita but add some story to previous series that were released on the Playstation and such.  What I mean is I would like a Resident Evil or Metal Gear Solid game that adds to the previous stories in the series but will only be available on the Vita.  Kind of like what the did with Silent Hill.

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