New Retro Gaming Magazine!

Attention fellow Gamers!  The website Nintendo Age is publishing a new gaming Magazine called Retro.  In the magazine, there will be articles, images, and other stuff all about retro games and current gen games.  Nintendo Age is stating that they are trying to get back into the nostalgia we all felt reading old issues of Nintendo Power and other gaming magazines that we grew up with.

The website is now taking subscriptions for the new magazine and it will be a bi-monthly magazine which means there will be 6 issues a year.  They are offering a Digital copy only subscription for $18 a year and a physical copy that also allows for a digital copy as well, in case you want to collect the magazines, and that one will be $33 a year.  You can register for your subscription at the following website: https://checkout.subscriptiongenius.com/ReadRetro.com/nintendoage.com/

I will be subscribing to this new magazine myself and I hope other gamers both new and old will support Nintendo Age and do the same.

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