GVN Quick Look
First 40 Minutes of Shovel Knight
on the Wii U played by yours truly, Rolento13!!!

So far, Shovel Knight seems to be everything that we expected out of an action platformer and more. The controls feel great and not sluggish at all, classic NES style graphics that remind you of the video games you missed being a kid in the 80's, classic (slightly updated) styled music soundtrack for a truly immersive retro experience, and it forces you to think and hone your various skills you've gained through the years. You're not going to run through levels like a Pro on your first playthrough (I mean, You can try, but have fun dying). Even after this video, it just gets better and better. So, is it worth a buy? You better believe it buddy!!! It's so good that I'm highly tempted to buy it again on my 3DS XL so that I can play it on the go!!!

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