Top 25 Sega Genesis games Day 3 Number 15 - 11.

We are nearly halfway through the countdown.  Anything surprise you yet?  Any of your favorites on the list so far?  Keep reading to see if they made it higher up on the list.  Check out day 2, games 20-16 if you haven't yet.

15.) Quackshot Starring Donald Duck

Quackshot is by far my favorite Disney game on the Sega Genesis for the simple fact that it stars Donald Duck and takes place in the Ducktales universe.  Quackshot proves to be stellar in everything ranging from it's excellent music to excellent gameplay.  The levels are what steal the show mainly because the stages are not only colorful and aesthetically pleasing, but the stage design is brilliant because they require you to solve a variety of puzzles and riddles to move on.  Quackshot also continues many of the elements of Donald himself (like losing his temper) that transition perfectly into the game.

14.) Shinobi III - Return of the Ninja Master

Shinobi 3 is an excellent and insane action game from start to finish.  What I really liked besides the intense gameplay are the unique bosses at the end of each level, my favorite being the Mecha-Godzilla knock off.  The music is also top notch using mystical sounding themes reminiscent of classic Japanese ninja/samurai films.  The action also switches up between running on foot and on vehicles like A horse or jet skiing levels.  My favorite of the franchise as well.

13.) Star Trek: The Next Generation

Star Trek TNG is very much like The Original Series version for the NES except its actually good.  The away missions are very exciting as you travel across the area looking for clues to solving a big mystery in regards to a device said to granting power to whoever possesses it.  Every world has unique puzzles to solve and lots of alien life forms who are either friendly or aggressive.  The interior of the ship is great as it lets you access the data base which has a huge working library of almost everything Trekky related.  The ships battles are also incredibly intense and fun that you will fly about the galaxy getting into more of them.

12.) Shadowrun

Shadowrun is a great game that easily keeps getting forgotten.  For the Genesis version, it's an open world action RPG where you are out trying to find the person that killed your character's brother.  The combat is a bit on the challenging side and you can easily get lost as you move about the world, but you will have fun regardless.  It becomes even more exciting as you unlock abilities to hack into computers and buy mercs as backup in your quest.  It's truly a shame people overlooked this little gem.

11.) Shinning in the Darkness

Shinning in the Darkness is also an easily forgotten RPG due in part to it's more successful spin-off series, Shinning Force.  Shinning in the Darkness is a first person dungeon crawler RPG that easily stand among the best of the Genesis' library.  The maze dungeons are easy to navigate and fun to explore with lots of tough boss battles and treasure all over the place.  The turn based combat is heavy on tactics as the monsters later on bring the pain forcing you to plan your battles.  Definitely not a game you should pass up if you have the opportunity.

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