GVN Quick Pick - Astebreed & Five Nights at Freddy's (PC)

Taking a look around the indie game scene and there are just so many great games out there that it's almost impossible to review them all.  So I am going to select a couple games every now and then and make them my definite picks of games you shouldn't let slide past you.


Astebreed is an arcade shoot-em up that came completely out of left field.  It's a very fun and odd game in a sense because the plot is all over the place with no explanation or real back story provided. The action is over the top and can almost be mistaken for a bullet hell game with the number of enemy ships and projectiles on screen.  Granted there are ton of other games out there like this but Astebreed somehow sticks in my mind more than the rest.

As a shoot em up, its obviously a short game and having infinite continues may seem to take away from the challenge of such games.  However, none of those seem to hurt Astebreed because it's has an incredibly high replay value.  Thanks to Steam integration, the challenges created by the achievements are more than worthy of keeping you playing.  Many of these actually require quite a bit of skill to pull off in such a game like not dying once in the hardest game difficulty or taking a certain amount of damage.

Besides the steam achievements, Astebreed is just flat out addicting.  I definitely recommend you check out Astebreed.  It's a rather cheap game going for around $15 and it's worth every penny.

Five Nights at Freddy's

Five Nights at Freddy's is one of the most talked about games in the past few months and for good reason.  This budget game comes with box office style scares that will leave many gamers sleeping with one eye open.  Five Nights gameplay is similar to the classic Night Trap where you spend all your time watching cameras and preserving power to keep yourself alive from killer Animatronics.

The scare tactics are brilliant from not just the overall design of the game or it's antagonists but from the sheer terror of just trying to keep them in check and making sure you aren't left open to a quick death.  Nothing sends you cowering in fear like watching one of Freddy's buddies run down the hallway towards your room.  For $5, this game is a steal and demands your immediate purchase.

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